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Our General Dentistry Services

  • Caries Control & Fillings

    Cavities (caries) can develop due to several factors, and children tend to be at more of a risk for many of these. Fortunately, you can your child's dentist can take steps to reduce, or even eliminate, your child's chances of developing cavities. What Are Caries? Caries (or cavities) are decay of the the outer enamel and dentin layers of a tooth. The enamel is the hard, outermost...
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  • Gum Therapy

    Although many people think of gum disease as a condition that only affects adults, teenagers and even younger children can be highly susceptible to gum disease (or its milder form, gingivitis). At Smile Town Dentistry in North Delta, we provide gum disease prevention and therapy for children. What is Gum Disease? When food debris and bacteria build up on the teeth, a sticky film called...
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  • Mouth Guards

    At Smile Town North Delta, we recommend mouth guards for children who play any sport that may cause them to sustain an injury to the face, mouth, or head. What are mouth guards? A mouth guard is a dental appliance that is worn over the top teeth to protect the teeth, face, jaw and head from injury when playing sports. Sporting goods stores will sell you generic, one-size-fits-all mo...
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  • Space Maintainers

    At Smile Town Dentistry in North Delta, we apply space maintainers when a child loses a primary tooth prematurely, in order to create space for permanent teeth to grow in correctly. What are space maintainers for? If a primary tooth falls out too soon, it can cause a disruption to the growth path of the permanent teeth. This disruption may cause serious orthodontic problems in the long...
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  • Thumb Sucking & Habit Breaking

    Thumb sucking is harmless in babies and toddlers, but once a child's adult teeth start to erupt, this habit can lead to serious dental problems. How does thumb sucking lead to dental problems? For babies and toddlers, thumb sucking isn't usually a problem, and most children grow out of their thumb sucking habits before starting school. Thumb sucking is a completely normal, self-comf...
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  • Tooth Eruption

    Tooth Eruption is when your child's teeth emerge and become visible in the mouth. The Smile Town North Delta team will guide you and your child through the stages of primary and permanent teeth eruption. There are multiple reasons that the growth and development of your child's teeth should be monitored by a dentist. Children's mouths go through significant changes from the time they star...
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