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New Patients Are Always Welcome at Our Practice!

Our dentists and support team members at Smile Town North Delta all look forward to meeting you, and welcoming your children to our practice!

Our Practice is Designed Specially For Your Children

Our dental practice is unlike any other! Our goal is for children to feel at ease from the moment they enter our practice, so we've designed this very special environment. When they come for a visit, children are greeted by our friendly, personable reception team, and then they'll get to hang out in our cheerful, kid-friendly reception area or Theatre Room while they await their appointments.

At Smile Town Dentistry in North Delta, children will find all sorts of fun activities, toys, and books to help keep them busy and occupied while they wait.

We know that, as with most unfamiliar experiences, visiting the dentist for the first time may be unnerving and intimidating for children. That's why all the fun stuff at our practice is available to help make anxious kids feel more at ease, and to keep their minds off of their worries.

Services, Childrens Dentist, North Delta BCYour Child's First Consultation With Our Dentists

Your child's first appointment with the Smile Town children's dentists will be focused on our getting to know one another. We'll have a comfortable chat, during which our dentists will be able to get a feel for your child's personality and needs, and you and your child will can ask all your questions about dental care.

We'll also carefully review your child's medical and dental health history, in order to determine what course his or her treatment should take.

Office Tour

During the initial consultation, we'll show you and your child around our dental practice. Your child will have a chance to try out the dentist's chair, see the tools and instruments we use, and to get accustomed to the dental office environment in a low-key way.

Check-up & Cleaning

Once the tour and the initial consultation are complete, we'll get started with your child's first dental check up. During this first check up, we will throughly examine your child's teeth, gums, jaw, mouth, face and head.

We'll also take x-rays. These allow us to monitor your child's growth and development more accurately, and to identify any potential problems that can't be seen by the naked eye, such as cavities or jaw misalignment. Finally, we'll perform a cleaning of your child's teeth.

However, if your child doesn't feel ready for his or her first checkup and cleaning after the office tour, and chatting with the dentist, we'll be glad to schedule an appointment on a different date.

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