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How should I prepare my child for their first visit to the orthodontist?

How should I prepare my child for their first visit to the orthodontist?

Our dentists at SmileTown North Delta always like to help your child feel at ease during their appointments. But what can you do to prepare them for their first visit? Our orthodontists share some tips. 

At SmileTown North Delta, we not only welcome children to our practice, we design our patient experience and environment around their unique needs.

While orthodontists - and often parents - understand the importance of early orthodontic assessment for kids, this is likely still a new experience for both of you. In this post, you’ll learn about what you can expect and how you can prepare your child for their first visit.

When should my child see an orthodontist?

Every child is unique, and while there isn’t a specific age at which kids should start orthodontic treatment, most orthodontists agree that children should have their initial assessment booked by the time they turn 7.

While actual treatment with braces or Invisalign may not start until later, your orthodontist can start to check the alignment of your child’s teeth and make recommendations if appointments are scheduled early.

What should I do to prepare my child for their first visit?

Once you know it’s time to schedule their first visit, you can take the following steps to help their first visit run smoothly.

Research Orthodontists in Your Area

You might consider asking for recommendations from people you trust, or scouring online reviews for orthodontists in your area who treat children. You might also ask for a referral from your family dentist, though we do accept patients without referrals.

Set Your Child’s Expectations

Getting nervous or anxious when it’s time to visit the dentist or orthodontist is common - for both parents and children. Once you’ve chosen your orthodontist, discuss what you and your child can expect at that first appointment.

We want your child to feel at ease with us, from the moment they walk in the door for their first appointment until the day they finish treatment.

Meet Your Child’s Orthodontist

At that first appointment, the orthodontist will examine your child’s mouth, take some X-rays and explain any treatment options. You might also explain why this appointment is necessary for your child’s oral health and that you’ll either be there in the waiting room or can come in with them to meet their orthodontist.

Once your child understands that there’s nothing to fear and that visiting the orthodontist can actually be a fun experience, they will likely feel much more comfortable.

Is it time for your child's orthodontic assessment, or has your dentist recommended orthodontic treatment? Contact our dentists at Smile Town North Delta to book an appointment today!

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