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Relieving Dental Fear & Anxiety in Children

Every child has different needs when it comes to dental care. Some simply feel more anxious or afraid of visiting the dentist than others. Here, our Smile Town North Delta dentists suggest some techniques for you to relieve your child's dental fear and anxiety leading up to and during dental appointments. 

For many children, the idea of going to the dentist can be a frightening one.

Laying on a chair while someone you don't know very well pokes around in your mouth with metal tools can even make adults anxious!

Here are some ways you and our Smile Town North Delta team can combat your child's dental anxiety and hopefully encourage a positive outlook on dental appointments and good oral health.

Our Dental Office is Designed With Kids in Mind

We work to make your child feel at ease from the moment they enter our practice.  At Smile Town North Delta, our office space and dental service are made for kids. 

You and your child can wait for your appointment in our engaging kid-friendly reception area or the Theatre Room. 

Our dental professionals also have a ton of experience working with kids. They are caring and cheerful, and they know how to make kids comfortable.

Prepare Your Child in Simple, Positive Ways

Keep your descriptions of a dental appointment short, simple and to-the-point when speaking to your child. Don't go into too much detail and be positive and realistic.

If they have questions, focus on positive phrases like "the dentist is going to make your teeth healthy and strong."

You might even consider introducing your child to some of many books about dentist appointments to help them understand the process.

Be Careful With Your Words

If your kid is already anxious about going to the dentist office, try to avoid any kind of negative words. Words like "pain," "pinch," "needle," or "shot" will stand out to them, even if you qualify them as "not being too bad" or "only a little."

If you are anxious about the dentist yourself, try to avoid showing your child how you are feeling. They look to you for guidance on how to respond to new things, and if you are anxious or nervous, they will be too.

Start Early

Dentists recommend you bring their child in for their first appointment 6 months after they first tooth emerges, or at 1 year.

Introducing your child to the dentist early and taking them for regular check-ups and cleanings goes a long way towards helping your child get used to it.

Be Ready For Fuss and Tantrums

Even if you've done all of the above, there is a chance your kid will still feel anxious and will express those feelings when their appointment begins. 

Don't worry though, our dental team works with children all the time. They know what to do when treating a patient who is having a tantrum.

For more information about helping your child with their dental fear and anxiety, contact our skilled Smile Town North Delta dentists today.

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