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Help! My special needs child needs to see a dentist.

Help! My special needs child needs to see a dentist.

Statistics Canada estimates that more than 200,000 children in Canada are living with disabilities. Here our Delta dentists share some tips on choosing the right dentist for your special needs child, and dental care options that are available to help get your child the care they need.

Oral Health Care for Your Special Needs Child

Parents of special needs children have many concerns when it comes to finding dental health services for their child.

  • How do I find a dentist with the skills to work with my special needs child?
  • How will the team at the dental office prepare in advance to give my child a calm and positive dental experience?
  • If there is a behavioural issue how will it be handled?

We understand that dental health care may be low on your list of priorities if you're caring for a child with complex needs, however there are many behavioural, health, and social issues that can be exacerbated if your child is experiencing dental discomfort. Delaying when it comes to dental care could make managing your child's needs more difficult than it needs to be.

Smile Town's Pediatric Dental Professionals are Here to Help

Regardless of the nature of your child's special needs, our Pediatric dentists are specially trained in effective communication with kids across a spectrum of needs. The children's dentists at SmileTown Delta can help introduce consistent oral health care into your child's life in the least stressful manner possible.

Oral Health Care for Kids with Special Needs

Our team at Smile Town in North Delta strive to go above and beyond to provide the best, most appropriate care for every child. To that end, we approach each child as an individual, with patience and kindness. 

In order to help your child become accustomed to our office and our staff, we begin by setting up an appointment to meet with you and your child. This casual appointment will give us the opportunity to get to know you and your child, and to discuss any questions or concerns you might have. It also gives your child the opportunity to have a look around and become comfortable with our surroundings without the additional stress of having an examination or treatment.

On your second visit, when you return with your child for treatment, we will use a combination of calming techniques, from engaging games to quiet persuasion, to keep him or her happy and calm during treatment.

Dental Sedation Options For Special Needs Children

Some children have emotional or physical barriers to sustained oral health care that cannot be sufficiently resolved using the above approaches and sedation many be recommended. Pediatric dentists undergo extensive, comprehensive training in the proper use nitrous oxide, general anesthesia, and oral conscious sedation medications for children. Here at Smile Town our dentists offer safe anesthesia and sedation options which can be utilized to help your child's dental treatment go more smoothly.

  • Nitrous Oxide - Nitrous Oxide can help patients who feel anxious about their treatment to relax, but it does not impair natural reflexes or render the patient unconscious. Nitrous Oxide which is also known as 'laughing gas' is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen. 
  • Oral Conscious Sedation - Before we commence with treatment, we’ll take the time to explain which type of medication or combination of medications will best serve your child in safely undergoing dental treatment. Oral Conscious Sedation can be achieved using a variety of different medications.
  • General Anesthesia - General anesthesia is recommended for children with limited comprehension, extreme behavioural challenges, physical disabilities or who are highly sensitive to pain.
Whatever the needs of your child, our team will find the most effective way to prevent or manage your child's challenges during their dental treatment.

If you're looking for a dentist to provide your special needs child with the oral health care they need and deserve, contact our team of children's dental professionals today. Our passion is helping every child achieve a healthy smile.

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