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When can my child have orthodontic treatment?

When can my child have orthodontic treatment?

Every child's smile is unique, but if you suspect that your child needs orthodontic treatment you're probably wondering when the best time to begin treatment is. Here's a little from our Delta children's dentist on when to seek orthodontic treatment for your child. 

The best time to begin orthodontic treatment for your child is going to depend on the severity and misalignment of their teeth or bite. 

Traditionally orthodontic treatment wouldn't begin until the child reached about 12-14 years of age, once their permanent teeth were coming in. Waiting until this age meant that removing permanent teeth to correct a bite and allow room for tooth movement was common. 

However, now modern orthodontic thinking advocates for beginning 'interceptive orthodontics' as young as 7-11 years of age. Beginning treatment early helps to both retain the adult teeth and correct problems before they become fully developed.

Interceptive orthodontics uses orthodontic appliances (not always braces) while the baby teeth are still in place, then once the adult teeth come in the second phase of orthodontic treatment begins, (usually traditional braces).

This 2 stage approach allows for problems to be corrected with fewer adult teeth needing to be extracted, and tends to lead to better results once treatment is complete.

Our dentists at Smile Town Langley can perform an early evaluation of your child's teeth in order to determine whether your child is a candidate for orthodontic intervention. If orthodontic intervention is a good approach for your treating your child tooth alignment issues, our team will explain the options that are available and how treatment could positively influence the development of your child's smile.

If you think that your child could benefit from orthodontic treatment,  contact our children's dentists in Delta

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