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The Problem with Fruit Juice

The Problem with Fruit Juice

You probably know that pop is bad for your teeth because of the acids and sugars it contains. But it may surprise you to learn that our North Delta children’s dentists advise patients to drink fruit juices in moderation for the same reason!

While fruit juices typically has more nutritional value than pop does, it can still be harmful to teeth. Our Langley children’s dentists recommend that children consume fruit juice in moderation only, ideally as an occasional treat. Here’s why:

Fruit juices contain lots of sugar.

We all know that although fruit itself contains sugar, it is nonetheless considered healthy. For many people, it therefore seems obvious that fruit juice would also be healthy. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

When the juice is extracted from fruit, most of the fibre that is in the fruit is removed, leaving the sugary liquid behind. This is problematic because it’s the fibre that helps the sugar metabolize more slowly, making eating an actual apple much healthier for you than drinking a glass of apple juice.

In addition, many fruit juices have extra sugar added in, and in some cases, fruit juice can even contain more sugar than pop. All that sugary liquid spells out bad news for teeth!

Fruit juice also contains acids.

In addition to sugar, fruit juice also contains acids. Just like the acids that are produced by the sugar-eating bacteria in the mouth can erode dental enamel, so too can the acids in fruit juice.

Again, some fruit juices contain more acids than pop does!

Fruit juice does not come close to actual fruit when it comes to nutritional benefits – it’s always better to have an apple than a glass of apple juice, and water is always the best choice for thirsty kids!

If you are concerned about how sugar may be affecting your kids’ teeth, contact our North Delta children’s dentists today!

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