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SmileTown Book Club: Bear’s Loose Tooth

SmileTown Book Club: Bear’s Loose Tooth

In the Karma Wilson's book, Bear's Loose Tooth, Bear discovers he has a loose tooth and feels a little worried about it! Good thing his friends are there to help him remain calm.

One afternoon while Bear and his friends are munching away on their lunches, Bear suddenly notices something wiggling and wobbling in his mouth that wasn't before. It's his first loose tooth!

Bear feels pretty anxious about this new development at first, but his his friends are quick to put his mind at ease.

Bear’s friends help him understand that losing a baby tooth is completely normal, and that his wiggly, wobbly tooth is nothing to be alarmed about.

Bear’s Loose Tooth is a reassuring story designed to help prepare children for when their baby teeth begin to fall out. Pick up a copy and read it with your kids soon!

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