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Smile Town Book Club: The Tooth Book, By Dr. Suess

Smile Town Book Club: The Tooth Book, By Dr. Suess

Teeth: they certainly come in handy any time you need to chew or smile! The Tooth Book by the ever popular Dr. Suess, teaches kids all about the things their teeth can do, and how to take care of them, too!

The Tooth Book is a very funny, somewhat irreverent look at all things teeth.

From who has teeth (zebras, girls named Ruthie) and who doesn’t (snails, jellyfish) to what you should and definitely shouldn’t do with your teeth (for instance, avoid chewing trees!), this book is full of sage and silly advice about taking care of your teeth!

And if you take nothing else away from this book, at least keep this advice in mind during your next visit with us: Never bite your dentist! He’s your teeth’s best friend.

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