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Sports Mouth Guards For Kids

Sports Mouth Guards For Kids

Sports mouth guards protect your children’s teeth, and their orthodontic appliances, when they’re playing sports where there is risk of injury to the head or mouth.

What is a sports mouth guard?

Mouth guards are soft plastic appliances that are shaped to fit the upper teeth. They protect not only the teeth, but also the whole mouth, and other parts of the face, such as the gums, lips, and cheeks. Mouth guards can also prevent serious head injuries, such as jaw fractures and concussions.

What sports require mouth guards?

Your child should wear a mouth guard if he or she participates in any sport where the head might come into contact with other players or sports equipment.

Contact sports like football, boxing, or hockey certainly require sports mouth guards, but they should also be considered for sports with less physical contact, like soccer, basketball, or even tennis.

What type of mouth guard does my child need?

The 3 main types of mouth guards include:

Stock Mouth Guards

  • Pre-formed ready to wear out of the box
  • Can be purchased in almost any sporting goods store or department store
  • Least expensive of the 3 options
  • Bulky, making them hard to fit, and potentially causing difficulty breathing
  • Provide the least protection of the 3 options

Boil-and-Bite Mouth Guards

  • Readily available at department and sporting goods stores
  • Tend to offer a better fit and protection than stock protectors
  • Made of thermoplastic materials that soften when placed in hot water, and can be placed in the mouth and shaped around the teeth

Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards

  • Custom-made by a dentist and a dental laboratory to fit your child's mouth. Your North Delta children's dentist will begin by making an impression of your your child’s teeth. The mouth guard will be molded over this impression, using a special material
  • Are the most costly option, but they provide the best protection by far

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